Pure Love Campaign Testimony

by Paula L. Fujiwara <paulafuji1@juno.com>
July 5, 1999

Hi. I'm Mrs. Paula Fujiwara, a TM and UTS grad in Los Angeles County, California. I just got an e-mail address. Please include my address when e-mailing WorldTies testimonies, etc. Thanks. My address is paulafuji1@juno.com

I'm presently experimenting with doing a Pure Love Pledge signature campaign. I've only tried two locations so far, Santa Monica Beach and a local 20-screen cimema. Large cinemas are good after 9 pm when there is a steady flow of young people coming out of the cinema. I have a poster size Pure Love Pledge to attract attention. Another sister created pure love pledge bookmarks on a computer program to give to those who sign along with a holy candy. There is a local e-mail address and phone number on the back of the bookmark.