Pure Love Campaign Testimony

by Marian van Hofslot <R.vanHofslot@NET.HCC.NL>

Testimony about witnessing!
July 1, 1999

Dear all,

Remember my testimony about PL activities in the Netherlands a few weeks ago? Well, here is some more!

Saturday June 12 we went with a team to Nijmegen: Bert and Lisa, Rudy and Thea, Marion and me. We worked the same way as in Tilburg, and it was great: 200 young people signed the pledge.

Saturday, June 19 we worked in Breda with: Alphons and Maria, Jan, Reinier and Marian, Marion, Rudy and Thea and Dennis who is a CARP student from Belorusse. Also two members from Germany came with their HARP sons. It was a great day, beautiful weather, high spirit and 233 inspiring young people who read and signed the pledge.

For the last 3 weeks I'm going house to house in my hometown on monday, wednesday and friday to sell the booklet. Every teenager that is walking in front of me or that is at home, reads the pledge and they all sign (and drink HJ).

Also, HF has sent me some help. Two teenage girls are helping me house to house 3x a week, with their parents permission. Aisha is from an Islamic family and Wendy is from a R. Catholic family. They are so enthousiastic, they definitely walk faster than me, and every teenager they meet they sent to me. It is so inspiring. Also our 12 year old son Thijs is helping and he is learning a lot.

Three times we will work in Tilburg with a team, three times in Nijmegen and three times in Breda. After that the couples living in those cities will continue by themselves.

Most important: it works. The young people are very open for it and they feel good that someone talks to them about this subject. They long for a better world and want to help and be part of it.

June 26, in Tilburg, 236 young people signed! We have over 900 signatures now. Teenagers are getting to know me now. On the street several times already they call me, smile and wave: 'Hello, Pure Love lady!'

I hope all of you can find the inspiration to reach out to Gods youngest children. May God Bless You All, and Mansei for Our Beloved True Parents.

Greetings, ITPN Marian.

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