Internal and External
Preparation for Chung Pyung

by Edy Iversen
October 5, 2000

Dear Sisters,

After just returning from Chung Pyung, I would like to share a testimony, which I hope can help sisters to prepare for what they are about to receive at this incredible workshop.

At the time I was called to Chung Pyung I was so sick, I hadn't been able to really work for at least three months. Sometimes I could barely even walk. I was continuing to try and keep everything together but the stress of the last four years with Tom's cancer, trying to work and do the mission had left a 1000 lb. weight on me that was killing me physically. I didnít have the money to go, but I prayed and by the grace of God, my sister's help and help from my CF I was able to go. I felt God desperately wanted to save my life.

My husband felt it was so important to go to Chung Pyung, he literally packed my bags and sent me over there because I didn't have the strength to do it. Although he had done 40 days at Chung Pyung, I never was able to go so I didn't know anything about it.

For those who have not been there recently, the external facilities are beautiful. They now have a beautiful three-story temple, very nice dining area, and a beautiful prayer hall and stair access to all the trees. You must still sleep bumper to bumper on heated floors and the bathroom wait can be tiring, but compared to tents and uninhabitable conditions it has improved greatly. The area itself is in one of the most beautiful parts of Korea and two-hour bus ride from the Kimpo Airport. Seil travel (our company) will arrange bus pickup if you call them in New York. The cost is $ 13. You can take a taxi but it is much more expensive and completely unnecessary. It is the perfect time to go.

Because I was so sick before I got to Chung Pyung, I think it was much more difficult for me to participate in the workshop than others were that had their health. There are quite a lot of stairs there and much climbing up the hill, which in my case I could barely do. The first two weeks were so difficult for me physically I had to pray to ask for spiritual help. I also got a terrible cold and had to go to the Dr. (They have a local Dr. there in the small town) So when you go over there I would prepare for anything. Though the nurse there has antibiotics (Amoxicillin), I would prepare any medications you might need. Vitamins kept me alive. B12 in particular and if you are low on energy now you might take Vitamin C. I would highly advise something called, " Emergen C". Packets that can be purchased at a health food store and will give you great energy and help you stay healthy. They saved me.

Cough medicine is non-existent and absolutely a staple for the Chung Pyung Cough, and cough drops so bring them. You are able to shower every couple of days with hot water, but mostly it is cleaning yourself with cold water, so be prepared. It is truly like spiritual boot camp. The hours are from 6 am to 12:00 at night, consisting of An Soo, Holy Songs, Hoon Duk Hae, Prayer, repentance, writing of our confessions, liberation and blessing of our ancestors, testimonies and talks by elders, and finally the reblessing of ourselves, our spouses and our families. And YES they have to be there, especially your spouse for the reblessing ceremony and children should come too. It is critical.

As you're reading this you are probably saying, "How am I going to do this? Farrakan, the ALC's, now I have to bring my spouse, and what about all the offerings, Liberation of ancestors from 1-21 ( $ 700 ) (each side) if you haven't already done it. Blessing of ancestors $ 700. (each side) $ 140 for ancestors from 8-21 and various donations thoughout the workshop. Yikes .. what am I going to do? Pray that God will give you the money to help you do this because for our families it is the most important thing we can doÖAbsolutely! I even asked money from my brother-in-law to give me money to liberate my husband's ancestors, because if they don't get liberated, the sin will pass on to him until it is dealt with spiritually.

It was truly the most demanding difficult experience for me, but yet the most rewarding. After two weeks, I was finally able to start to liberate some of the evil spirits inside of my body. I could literally feel them leaving after an soo. I started to get lighter, and lighter. You could see when people came there how heavy they were, and after three weeks they were so bright they practically glowed. Many people who were almost spiritually dead or ready to divorce, sick or completely burnt out were completely resurrected.

One sister I know was having such a difficult time with her spouse, and had an incredible experience with her ancestors while she was there. Some people have visions of their ancestors and incredibly deep prayers. I was able to pray so deeply. I felt I had so many evil spirits in me, just imbedded in my body. The last day I was there, Daemo nim did an soo on Tom and myself as he still has cancer and it seems to be growing again. I am really praying for a miracle and that the evil spirits inside of him can be liberated once and for all. Daemo nim will come and speak during the time you are there. She just pours out love to our dear sisters and brothers. She is trying desperately to save our lives and sees the real spiritual condition we are in. We have thousands of horrible evil spirits stuck in our body like sand or ant eggs. You can feel them leave your body. It is incredible.

When you get to Chung Pyung you can forget about your mission, your achievements, your ego Ö because really you are just faced with yourself, what you are as a human being. You cannot hide behind anything. If you are having problems with your spouse they will face you and you will have to deal with it. If you are having chapter two problems, same. Father wants to forgive everything ... even if you or your spouse or child has fallen. If you or your spouse has drinking or smoking problems, God can help you there. If you have misused public money, you will have to face up to it. If you cannot love your children, you will realize it there. If you are having difficulty having children, God will help you there. Everything is between you and God only, nobody else. We see our lives in comparison to Father's ideal and can repent for them. Not just for ourselves and our mistakes, but for the mistakes of our ancestors all the way back to Adam and Eve. And we can liberate the evil spirits that are causing many of these problems. Also we get tremendous help from angels, some of which many sisters saw while we were there.

No matter how hard we have tried, we are still full of fallen nature, sin and garbage. And now is the time that God wants to eliminate that garbage. Father is giving us a grace and forgiveness ceremony at the close of the workshop. A reblessing on the National level. Father says we can never go to heaven and be with TPS without that. No matter what difficulty lie ahead, THAT ALONE IS WORTH A BILLION DOLLARS!!!)

Also we can receive forgiveness for our blessed children. We must liberate ourselves and our ancestors if we are to be free. How many times have we wanted to do what was right, but couldn't ??? Why ?? Because of our ancestors and the things they have done to other people, those people are full of resentment and stop us from fulfilling our destiny as God's children. Every difficulty in our life has a spiritual cause. I saw people completely change at this workshop. I saw one sister totally possessed, and she became a different person. Many miracles can occur at this workshop. Both spiritual and physical healing. I feel 1000 lbs. lighter since I returned.

Father attended the workshop and poured out his love to the members for at least 5 days when I was there. Mother was there too. How can Father go to the Heavenly Kingdom alone...without his beloved children? He gave us the most beautiful book of speeches and gifts when we left.

Maybe you are hesitating or saying this isn't for me. I am not so spiritual, but you can never imagine the blessing and liberation that is waiting for you at the end of this.

Father has also asked all sisters to go to Korea for at least 3 years. Why??? Because we are the hope of the world? We are the light. And if anyone can unite North and South Korea, it will be us.

This is a difficult decision to make, and a personal one. Yet Father has this incredible hope in us.

When Mr. Joo came, he testified about the ALC and the victories in America. I realized more than anything the incredible blessing we have been given and how we have to share that with the world. We have so much to give. I was with National Messiahs from all over the world. They are suffering so much. The Japanese are working mercilessly to support our mission here in America, yet they cannot win the Koreans like Westerners can. My hope is that my husband will get well enough so I can leave and go over there. Though I love my ACC mission and do not want to leave, I feel it is time to bring that mission to Korea. Who will educate the stubborn leaders of Korea if we don't? Who will testify to the goodness of our True Parents? They will listen to Westerners. Father wants us to become the ambassadors to the world. Even Mrs. Yu came and taught us a very easy way to lecture with the new manual she wrote. She was terrific.

Though Father is asking the most difficult thing, the 21-day workshop and grace ceremony and commitment to Korea, who else can he ask? Somehow I believe we can do it.

If you have any difficulties or would like information about this workshop, please feel free to e-mail me at or call me at 904-445-3774.

THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT IS TO PREPARE INTERNALLY FOR THE WORKSHOP. MANY PEOPLE DO BOWING CONDITIONS, OR PRAYER CONDITIONS OR READING CONDITIONS BUT DONíT BE LIKE ME. I didnít know anything so I was so unprepared. If you prepare internally in these next 12 days before the workshop, you can have an incredible experience, far superior than mine.

The weather is turning cooler now, so you need a warm jacket at night and a light scarf.

Bring at lease 3-5 comfortable pants for an soo. 5-8 white (can have a logo on it) T-shirts or prepare to wash out clothes every night by hand. Sometimes they don't dry in a day. Lots of socks and underwear. A pad for under your sleeping bag. Sheets and your own sleeping bag if you have it. They have many bags but when 10,000 people showed up you had to fight for them.

You can bring a blow up mattress if you have a bad back. A couple of towels, biodegradable soap and shampoo. Forget your make-up. You'll never have time to put it on. Slip on slippers and comfortable walking shoes for hiking up the hill. Prunes and or fiber. You will absolutely need them. Any special vitamins or foods you will need. If you cannot eat spicy food you will have to live on Ramen and yogurt from the store. Pads and Pens. Tape recorder/radio - if you want to tape. Lots of batteries. The smaller the better. A small camera.

Typical diet, white rice, bean sprout soup (sometimes spicy), kim chee and bulgogi, or spicy meat or spicy vegetables. Take enzymes with you and Tums, most likely you will need them.

I brought protein bars from the health food store, nuts before I went and you can buy various sundries in the store at Chung Pyung. Sometimes the line for lunch is so long; I just went and bought Ramen at the store.

You can buy bananas and apples in the store, but sometimes the wait is very long.

Prepare to be patient. The only books we read were Blessed Family and Ideal Kingdom (two books) and Completed Testament Age and Ideal Kingdom, Earthly life and Spirit world 1 and St Augustine's Confessions from the spirit world, (can be bought at bookstore) if any left. If you can get a book on Chung Pyung from one of the graduates grab it and read it to prepare.

Even though we are in the midst of total chaos, preparation is everything and the one thing I didn't do.

One elder sister was so happy to be a Chung Pyung because she had 5 kids and she could finally take time to study and pray. It was a joy for her.

I am sure I am forgetting something. You can use dollars everywhere. You can use yen, dollars and Korean money at workshop. I was able to use my MCI worldcom phone card from the payphone, but usually it is easier to get phone cards there for 3-5000 won.

Money exchange is about 1 US dollar is 1030 won (Korean). You can exchange a little at airport, but not necessary.

After the workshop you will be given time to go and meet with your new Korean leader in the city you have chosen by lottery. If you have a Korean phrase book, bring it. If you need to stay overnight in a hotel, we stayed at the YMCA in Seoul for $46, downtown Seoul. Or Segye Ilbo has a hotel for $ 30 dollars in Seoul but I don't have the number and sometimes it is full.

Bring MONEY. You will need it. Everything comes up, donations, bus rides, small expenses. Bring your credit card if you don't have money. Someone will come that can give you cash once a week but better is to bring cash. You will need it absolutely.

Please have the right attitude. WATCH THE MOVIE "WHAT DREAMS MAY COME" WITH ROBIN WILLIAMS. When you see the state of your ancestors (they are like the heads in the mud) you will realize it is worth a million dollars to liberate them. The offerings are made so our ancestors will take the workshops seriously. If you have trouble sitting on the floor (thatís all you do), bring a small pillow from home.

God wants to give us great blessing. I hope we can all receive it. God bless you all who are going and if I can be of any help don't hesitate to call. I will help you in any way I can.

With love and gratitude to my beautiful, precious, sacrificial sisters. Have a wonderful trip.


Edy Iversen
N. Florida

P.S. If you are really sick or can't walk there is a special room for sisters given by Daemo nim. Also you can't do an soo on the floor you can do it in a chair. Ask Mrs. Richardson at the Western office. Also, she will let you use elevator in that case. Some very heavy sisters were able to stay there.