Evangelizing, Rallying and making noise

by Steve Salowski <irvingwash@EARTHLINK.NET>
July 27, 1999

To all

Recently, we had a rally at the center of "SATAN'S NEST" otherwise known as Washington Square Park. Rev. Clarke MC-ed, our regional director (Rev. Kim) was there and we made a lot of noise.

One thing we tried to do was to have a difference in style. For some placards, we used black paper (placards) with flourescent spray paint, others were flourescent paper themselves. I dressed as a futuristic STD/DNA molecule/robot (A few people hugged me), the regional directors son dressed as a bacteria/germ/virus. We really started to make some waves in the crowd. People were thinking, talking, ridiculing and doing much more. The rally idea was a great idea of Fathers, make noise he said.

Actually, it wasn't Father's idea originally. Many have used it in the past to express their ideas, force an opinion, make a change. Lenin used it to gain support, which led to the revolution. Hitler used it to gain support. Then to start a political party, win ( or threaten) enough of his opponents, disband the democratic system in Germany and nearly force the world into a state of HELL. Martin Luther King Jr. also used this method to win civil rights for minorities.

The point is, if we start making rallies and a lot of noise now, the world will follow, the sixties was the first sexual revolution, the seventies were disco and sex, the eighties were heavy metal, drugs and sex, the nineties were finances, AIDS and realization ( Lots of people are realizing it This weeks TIME Mag 8-2-99,). The next century and millenium can be the final sexual revolution. Along with God, TPs, and all the rest of us, you, can make a difference on this large spinning mud ball.

Make the noise
Let all be heard
You can make the difference!
of God, his family,
and his word.

Drink Holy Wine \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/