Testimonies with DMN at Chung Pyung

by L. Baer

My longest personal contact with DMN was in 1997 at CPL, in January when I was there with my wife and 5 kids. My daughter, (2 at the time) got very ill and was running a very high fever and couldn't hold down even simple fluids. My 2nd son also had a spiritual problem. My wife and I, my son and my daughter went to visit DMN in her room (which was very small and humble). She was there with her assistant, Mrs. Han. Mrs. Han took care of my son, and Daemo Nim worked on my daughter for 15 or 20 minutes. All the time my daugher (Joelle) was screaming and crying, but Daemo Nim was just smiling and reassuring us, with an incredible sparkle in her eye and the deep heart of a grandmother, (even though Mrs. Kim is not much older than me). At the end of that time, she said to us - no problem, your daughter will be fine.

The next day the fever broke and she very rapidly recovered. Daemo Nim won my heart!

One other testimony I can share. My spiritual daughter in law was on dialysis and on the verge of total kidney failure. She went to Chung Pyung to seek DMN, who told her to stay there. She stayed for a while but could not afford to stay very long, because she needed regular dialysis treatments, and her health insurance wouldn't cover these in Korea. She told DMN that she had to go back home to NYC where she could receive treatments at the hospital. DMN said, "no, you must stay here", and reached into her drawer and took out her personal funds to pay for those treatments in Korea. Later, she returned to the US and was able to receive a donor kidney and is now nearly fully recovered.

In the light of this experience, there is no doubt in my mind regarding the purity and sincerety of DMN's motivation - I know absolutely that it has nothing to do with a desire for money, even when she asks us to make substantial offerings.


L. Baer