Where Are Your Interests?
Last update: May 22, 2001

From this survey we are going to compile a list of interests and make it available to all members in hopes of facilitating give and take, developing personal ministries, community building, helping each other, forming interest groups, and furthering of God's Providence activities.

Although small group meetings are a valuable part of our community life, our growing conclusion is that we need to expand a paradigm that is unique to our Unification community and our values. Even if no group ever meets on any of the topics or activities below, this list can serve as a way for you to identify others of like interests and foster new growth for everyone. This is a first attempt. Subsequent follow-up attempts are anticipated.

This survey is for adults and high school students. Thank you for your participation. (Listings are in no particular order, but compiled from many lists.)  Feel free to make comments anywhere on the page. 

Download this sheet, complete it and email it to jimstephens5@home.com. OR (1) put the survey in the offering basket on Sunday, (2) fax to [410] 997-5134, (3) mail to Jim Stephens, 6106 Tamar Dr., Columbia, MD, 21045. Many thanks.

Your Name: ________________________________ Phone: (_______)___________________

___Social Service
___Food bank
___Project Volunteer
   ___Buying and Selling
   ___Car washes
   ___Model Cars
   ___Support Services
   ___Web Design
___Computer technology group
___Video Productions
___VCR Repair
___Personal Counseling
___Marriage Counseling
___Public Relations
___Christian Outreach
___Jewish Outreach
___Moslem Outreach
___Neighborhood Beautification
   ___Theater, Drama
___Bible Study
___D. P. Study
___Lecture practice
___Educational Resources
___Mentoring boys
   ___High School
   ___Middle School
   ___Younger boys
___Mentoring girls
   ___High School
   ___Middle School
   ___Younger girls
___Day Care
___Matching BCís
___Marriage Preparation
___Blessed Family Dept.
___Young Marriages
   ___Martial Arts
   ___Ping Pong
   ___Dance Club
   ___Mini Golf
___Home Improvement
___Garage Sales
___Clothes for the needy
___Business, Finances
___Business, Marketing
___Fund raising
___Grant writing
___Menís groups
___Womenís groups
___Civil Rights
___Singles groups
___Youth ministry
___Prayer team
___Grounds-keeping team
___Tools/Maintenance team
___Overseas mission work
___Korean study
___Japanese study
___Advanced English
___Field trips
___House painting
___Homeless outreach
___Reconciliation outreach
___Inter-racial group
___Church Financial committee
___Church greeters
___Cookies committee
___Adopt a grandparent
___Making posters
___Cleanup after events
___Exercise group
___DP Teaching
___Conference staff
___Political leader outreach
___Family Group outreach
___Disabilities and Support
___Home Church
___Abstinence Education
___Principled Life Education
___Improving Sunday Service

Other interests