Responses to Questions on
Unificationism on the Internet - Volume 47

LW wrote:
Thanks for all the information -- you've an impressive background.  I've
been looking a long time for someone to talk about DP with.  I've lost
touch with the people I knew 20 years ago.

I know the Principle answer to this question but wonder if you have any
thoughts you might share.  I'm gay.  Is it so unimaginable that God
change his/her mind -- rethink this issue, as it were?  I understand the
divine science behind masculine/feminine -- but what then is the
explanation for someone like myself?  I'm very religious, monogamous, so
glad to know about True Parents & all that their presence on earth
means, but I am homosexual, right down to my core; certainly that's the
way it feels, for what that's worth.  What can it be -- possession??  I
don't ask that question flippantly.

I'm sort of hastily writing this at work; I'll read any answer you might
have carefully & consider before writing back.   Thanks so much for your
help.  I'm glad I found you.

And, I'd like to close with -- ITN,

Dear LW,

If you know the names of the people you were in touch with before, perhaps I could find them.

As for your question of homosexuality, you know that God created each one of us to be His love partner, not as an individual, but as a couple, a man and a woman. The reason is that the man and woman united in love most completely reflects God's nature. As such we are each infinitely precious to God.  Then why do we have inordinate desire contrary to the will of God? It is because we were ALL born from a Satanic lineage. As a result, we need to be reborn into God's lineage, to cut off the lineage with which we were born, and to become part of God's lineage. Please read True Mother's most recent speech:
    Blessed Marriage and Eternal Life

This is the time of the coming of the Messiah, the True Parents. So, everyone in the spiritual world is eager to resurrect by returning to the Earth. As a result, there are so many bizarre problems in the world, many or most of them with a spiritual origin. We see many insane people, children committing horrible murders, serial killers, cannibalistic homosexual pedophiles like Jeffrey Dahmer, genocide in Rwanda and Bosnia. This is because the denizens of hell are inhabiting the Earth today.  Evil spirits influence people to do things which they would not do on their own. We see many cases of possession in the Bible.

Those who are seeking most to do God's will have returning spirits attach to them in the hope of catching someone who is on the rise towards God. However, with every spirit that attaches to you, you then need to take responsibility for the sin of that person. This is more than most people can do.

So God has provided a way by which we can forward these spirits to a better place, rather than their bothering us. If you purify your body, your holy temple, then you can invite God to come and dwell in that holy temple, and you can command the evil spirits to leave you, or else they can be restored as you are restored.

Your ancestors will surround the descendant who most gives them hope of salvation. They need you. Exodus 20:5 indicates that the children will be visited with the sins of their ancestors to the third and fourth generation.  You may be tormented by the spirits of people whom your ancestors have wronged. In this case, please pray in repentance for the sins of your forebears, and it will help those resentful spirits to leave you. Many physical diseases and mental problems are caused by the sin of our ancestors. For example, one shamanistic healer I know tells me that certain debilitating diseases that make you a prisoner in your body, like Multiple Sclerosis, have a strong connection to the fact that their ancestors kept and mistreated slaves. She also tells of people being physically healed of their disease by repentance for the sin of their ancestors.

Rev. Moon mentions three stages in the process of restoration:

(1) Separate from Satan
(2) Come to experience the love of God.
(3) Live for the sake of others.

I will mention several practical things which you can do.

(1) Find a local Unification Church and ask to receive the Holy Wine. True Father has now made it possible for anyone, couples, singles and even children to be reborn through the Holy Wine Ceremony, even prostitutes, murderers, philanderers and homosexuals. Everyone. Please read:
    The Process of Being Reborn through the Holy Wine Ceremony

Some church members may not know this, so tell them that I told you. If they will not give it to you, I will. The holy wine allows you to cut off the Satanic lineage which we all inherited at birth.

(2) Ask to receive some Holy Salt and learn how to multiply it. You can read about this at:
    Holy Salt

This salt has been blessed by the Messiah and has the property that it can purify all that it touches, including your body. Every day when you shower, put some holy salt in a container of water, drink some of it, and wash your body in the rest. This will help to purify you from the evil spiritual influences that are around you which cause you to have unnatural sexual desires. Especially wash you head, your heart and your sexual areas. Also bless your home on the first and fifteenth of every month with Holy Salt. Bless all that you possess and all that you buy with Holy Salt.

(3) Place a picture of True Parents prominently in your home. This will keep you and everyone else in your home, physical and spiritual, mindful of your commitment.

(4) Obtain books of the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, or download them from the Internet in the interim, and read one hour per day, preferably at 6 am, since True Parents and other members worldwide are doing the same thing at that time. This is the new tradition of Hoon Dok Hae, Gathering for Reading and Learning. Reading the word of God will give you life.

(5)  Start and end this time of reading with prayer, as long as you find appropriate. The reading will give you plenty of thoughts for reflection in prayer and meditation. So please pray every morning and every night.

If you want to go further, begin the tradition of reciting the Family Pledge at 5 am on Sundays and first days of the month.
    Family Pledge

You may also recite the pledge at the start of your daily reading time. You can also start attending church and tithing. And if you can, stay celibate. If you cannot, do not condemn yourself. You are God's daughter, and He wants to give His one hundred per cent love to every one of his sons and daughters. He wants to cut off the Satanic lineage from ALL of humanity. We inherited the Satanic lineage without knowing it, without deserving it, so in the last days, we are able to inherit God's lineage, without precondition, based on the authority of the Son of Man to forgive sins on the Earth and the increasing inability of Satan to accuse anything that he does.

If you do the things that I outlined above, they will all help in the regeneration and restoration of your spirit. So, it is important to persevere, even if you have setbacks, even if you do something that your conscience forbids, even if you backslide. The one who perseveres in faith to the end will be saved.

Don't hesitate to write again if you want to. I hope you can profit from what I said. God is happier about the sincere dedicated repentance of one sinner than in the arrogant self-congratulatory prating of one hundred self-righteous believers. And remember, we are ALL sinners until we are perfected in God's love.


In our beloved True Parents' Names,

Damian Anderson