Damian Anderson

PO Box 86118, Montgomery Village, MD 20886, Damian.Anderson@gmail.com, 301-921-0082
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UNIX (various kinds - SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Xenix, Mac OS X etc), C, C++, TCP/IP, NFS, X-Windows, OSF/Motif, GOSIP, OSI Model, System V TLI, X.25, FrameMaker, make, autoconf, AFS, CVS, SCCS, RCS, GIS Systems, CASE Tools, ARC/Info, ARC/View, MapInfo, Bourne Shell, C Shell, Korn Shell, Aegis Shell, JAM, Informix, Informix ESQL/C, SQL, Pascal, Ctree, CAD/CAM Graphics, VM/CMS, Ada, PL/I, 6502 Assembler, PC Graphics, Apollo Domain OS, LISP, HTML, CGI, Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Tcl/Tk, Expect, Perl, INND, Kerberos, DNS, Tacacs, NTP, Sendmail, HTML, CGI, IBM Rational Clearcase, DDTS/XDDTS, DCE.


Sun Ultra 1, Sun Ultra 2/1170, Sun Ultra 2/2170, Sun Sparc 10, Sun Sparc 20, Sun 3 Workstation, Sun 3000/1, Sun 3000/2, Sun 4000 4CPU, Sun 20/50, Sun 20/712, Sun Ultra 10, Sun Ultra 170E, Silicon Graphics (SGI) Workstations and servers, SGI Origin 2000 4CPU, SGI PC XL 24 CPU, HP 9000 300/700/800, HP X Workstations, HP/Apollo 4500, HP/Apollo 433s, Encore Infinity, AT&T 3B5, 3B2/300, 400, AT&T UNIX/PC, Altos 586, 986, 2086, Apple IIe, Cascade Graphics Wkstn, Honeywell XPS/100, IBM 2250 Graphics Wkstn, IBM Risc 6000, IBM 370, 4381 & 4341, IBM PC 286/386/486/Pentium clones, IBM 5080 Wkstn, ICL DRS500, Macintosh, NCR Tower 32 & XP, Tolerant Eternity, VAX 11/780, DEC Alpha.



Lockheed Martin, Rockville, MD
Information Systems and Global Solutions
January 2007 - July 2012

(Ada, PowerAda, C++, Java, Sun Solaris, XML, IBM AIX ( on IBM 9133-55A, Korn Shell, SSH - Secure Shell, OC Systems Aprobe, Nortel Contivity VPN Client, Serena Dimenions CM, Microsoft Windows XP / Windows 7, Exceed on Demand, X Windows )

The True Family Foundation
Silver Spring, MD
March 2003 - Present

Lanham, MD
September 2003 - October 2003

( Sun Solaris, C, Informix ESQL/C, Mac OS X, Korn Shell, Rational Clearcase )

Naval Research Lab
Center for Computational Science
Washington DC
May 2001 - March 2003

( Sun Solaris, SGI IRIX, Linux, Kerberos 5, C, Korn Shell, AFS, CVS, Autoconf)

Raytheon Systems Corporation
Upper Marlboro, MD
May 1997 - April 2001

(SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris, HP UX, DCE (Distributed Computing Environment), DCE Distributed File System, Korn Shell, Tcl/Tk, Expect, Secure Shell (SSH), Sybase, C++, Perl, HTML / CGI, Rational Clearcase, Rational ClearDDTS/xddts)

Cable and Wireless, Vienna, VA
September 1996 - April 1997

(Sun Ultra 1, DEC Alpha, Sun Solaris, Perl, Expect, TCP/IP, TCL, Korn Shell, DEC OSF/1, Kerberos 5)

Systems and Advanced Technology Group,
America Online, Reston, VA
April 1996 - August 1996

(HP 9000/700s, HP-UX, C, TCP/IP, Windows 95, CVS)

Unification Church, Webmaster, Washington DC
March 1995 - present

(UNIX / C, Linux, Korn Shell, Apache web server, HTML, CGI, PERL, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), TCP/IP, procmail, Majordomo, Java, L-Soft Listserv)

Federal Aviation Administration, Washington DC
January 1993 - March 1996

(HP/Apollo 9000/433s, HP-UX, C, X-Windows, Korn Shell, HP/Apollo 4500, HP 9000/730, Sun Sparc Station 10, IBM Risc 6000, AIX, Domain OS, Domain Distributed Services (DDS), TCP/IP)

TV Answer, Reston, VA
July 1992 - December 1992

(HP 9000/817/867, HP A1497A X Workstations, HP/UX, TCP/IP, sockets, TLI, Framemaker, ARC/Info, ARC/View, MapInfo)

Sysorex Information Systems, Fairfax, VA
January 1992 - June 1992

(Interactive UNIX, 386 PC, C, Korn Shell, Encore Infinity, UMAX, X.25, GOSIP, System V TLI, VTI/FTAM, DOS, curses, X/Motif/UIL)

PRC Realty Systems, McLean VA
October 1991 - December 1991

(386 PC, Interactive UNIX, C++, Korn Shell, JAM, SQL, Ctree)

Federal Aviation Administration, Washington DC
June 1991 - August 1991

(HP 9000/720, HP-UX, C/X-Windows, Korn Shell, Apollo 400, Domain OS)

NetExpress, McLean, VA
March 1991 - April 1991

(XENIX, C, Korn Shell, X.25, 80386 PC)

Commercial Satellite Corp. (COMSAT),
(Now Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications (LMGT)
Clarksburg, MD
August 1989 - February 1991

(HP-UX, C, Korn Shell, HP 9000 300/800, Tolerant Eternity)

BTG Inc., McLean, VA
May 1989 - August 1989

(HP 9000 300/800, HP-UX, C, Korn Shell, X-Windows)

Innovative Technologies Inc., McLean, VA
March 1989 - June 1989

(80386 PC, XENIX, C, CGA/EGA/VGA graphics and curses on ASCII terminals)

Contel ASC, McLean, VA
November 1988 - March 1989

(80386 PC, XENIX, C, Korn Shell, VGA Graphics, Silicon Graphics workstation)

Addamax, Rockville, MD
November 1988 - February 1989

(AT&T 3B2/600, B1 Secure UNIX, C, Korn Shell, Orange Book, VAX11/780, ICL DRS500)

Honeywell Federal Systems, McLean, VA
August 1987 - November 1988

(Honeywell XPS/100, UNIX Kernel, C2 Secure UNIX, C, Orange Book/TCSEC, Korn Shell, DOD-STD-2167A )

Planning Research Corporation, McLean, VA
March 1987 - July 1987

(NCR Tower 32 & XP, UNIX, C, Informix SQL, ESQL/C, Korn Shell )

AT&T, Columbia, MD
August 1986 - February 1987

(AT&T 3B5, 3B2/300 & 400, UNIX, C, Bourne shell, Korn Shell, Informix)

Orange Systems, Gaithersburg, MD
December 1984 - August 1986

( Altos 586, Altos 586 datasheet 1, Altos 586 datasheet 2, Altos 986, Altos 1086/2086, Apple IIe Cascade Graphics Development CAD Workstation, Informix, SQL, UNIX/Xenix, C )

IBM (Europe) Headquarters, Paris, France
June 1977 - September 1977

( IBM System 370, VM, CP/CMS JCL, PL/I )

IBMUK Scientific Center, Peterlee, England
January 1976 - July 1976

( IBM System 370, VM, CP/CMS JCL, PL/I, IBM 2250 Graphics Workstation, GIS, RDBMS )