A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts

Dr. Andrew Wilson, Editor
International Religious Foundation, 1991

Prologue: Many Paths to One Goal
The Truth in Many Paths
Tolerance and Respect for All Believers

PART ONE: Ultimate Reality and the Purpose of Human Existence

C HAPTER 1: Ultimate Reality

CHAPTER 2: Divine Law, Truth, and Cosmic Principle CHAPTER 3: The Purpose of Life for the Individual CHAPTER 4: The Purpose of Life in the Family and in Society CHAPTER 5: The Purpose of Life in the Natural World CHAPTER 6: Life Beyond Death and the Spiritual World

PART TWO: Evil, Sin, and the Human Fall

CHAPTER 7: The Human Condition

CHAPTER 8: Fall and Deviation CHAPTER 9: The Major Sins

PART THREE: Salvation and the Savior

CHAPTER 10: Salvation-Liberation-Enlightenment

CHAPTER 11: The Founder

PART FOUR: The Religious Life

CHAPTER 12: Responsibility and Predestination

CHAPTER 13: Self-cultivation and Spiritual Growth CHAPTER 14: Faith CHAPTER 15: Wisdom CHAPTER 16: Worship CHAPTER 17: Offering and Sacrifice CHAPTER 18: Self-Denial and Renunciation CHAPTER 19: Live for Others

PART FIVE: Providence, Society, and the Kingdom of Heaven

CHAPTER 20: Good Government and the Welfare of Society

CHAPTER 21: Eschatology and Messianic Hope