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A presentation of the life, teachings, and public work of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon
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We refer to the God of sorrow, the God of pain. Why? Because, who's Satan? Satan is the illegitimate husband, where God is the legitimate husband. He is the love enemy. Think about if somebody stole your wife and is living with her, yet you are in the position to love both of them. That's God's position. We didn't know, so we didn't feel it. We must understand.
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, February 1, 1993

This country desperately needs a God-centered president, senators and congressmen. America's intellectual establishment is liberal, godless, secular, humanistic, and anti-religious. We are declaring war against three main enemies: godless communism, Christ-less American liberalism, and secular-humanistic morality. They are the enemies of God, the True Parents, the Unification Church, all of Christianity, and all religions. We are working to mobilize a united front against them.
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, August 29, 1985

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