The dividing line between Heaven and Hell
is the sexual organ

Damian Anderson
Wednesday 16 February 2005

All beings are created based on the principle that when they become one in love, they exchange elements with each other. Accordingly, when Eve became one with Lucifer through love, she received certain elements from him. First, she received feelings of dread arising from the pangs of a guilty conscience, stemming from her violation of the purpose of creation. Second, she received from Lucifer the wisdom which enabled her to discern that her originally intended spouse was to be Adam, not the angel. Eve was in the position to receive wisdom from the Archangel because she was immature and her wisdom was not as seasoned as that of the Archangel, who was already in a state of angelic maturity.

Exposition of the Divine Principle, 1996 Translation, Chapter 2, The Human Fall, 2.2.1 The Spiritual Fall

When Adam united in oneness with Eve, he inherited all the elements Eve had received from the Archangel. These elements in turn have been passed down to all subsequent generations without interruption. What if Adam had reached perfection without having yielded to fallen Eve’s temptation? The providence to restore Eve would have been relatively easy because, although she had fallen, Adam still would have remained intact as her perfect subject partner. Unfortunately, Adam also fell, and humanity has multiplied in sin to the present day, perpetuating the lineage of Satan.

Exposition of the Divine Principle, 1996 Translation, Chapter 2, The Human Fall, 2.2.1 The Physical Fall

God cursed the fallen angel, saying, “upon your belly you shall go, and dust you shall eat all the days of your life.” “Upon your belly you shall go” means that the angel would become a miserable being, unable to function properly or to perform its original service. To “eat dust” means that ever since the angel was thrown down from heaven, he has been deprived of life elements from God. Instead, he has had to subsist on evil elements gleaned from the sinful world.

Exposition of the Divine Principle, 1996 Translation, Chapter 2, The Human Fall, 1.4 The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

We Unificationists have been listening to Rev. Moon’s teachings for years, but our families have many problems. We have such a high ideal, but the reality is far from that. It seems like we are blocked from spiritual progress, and many of us don’t know why. I would like to share some things I have been discovering through my own life which may be helpful to you. Sometimes life serves us up situations we would rather not face, but in the process of becoming victorious over adversity, there are many lessons that we can learn.

From the above quotes from the Divine Principle, we learn that sin is a sexually transmitted disease passed on from generation to generation. It bears evil fruits of many forms. It is a deviation from our God-given original healthy state.

What is a mature man, a model for all men? The historical model is Jesus. He was able to say truthfully, “Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you are not just my own. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” (John 14:10-11)

God, the father of all of us, was dwelling in Jesus’ heart, mind and body. When beings become one in love, they exchange elements with each other. Therefore, if Adam had become one in love with God, as Jesus later did, he would have inherited God’s nature, and then Eve would have inherited God’s nature from Adam. Instead, she inherited Satan’s nature from the archangel Lucifer. God’s desire is to incarnate into the body of men, and to experience love through the conjugal relationship of husband and wife. In that way, God’s nature would enter into the wife, through her husband. Then men and women would experience God in their heart, mind and body. God wants to create a holy lineage, through men and women.

Human beings have fallen and have inherited a satanic blood lineage. Who is Satan? Satan is the enemy of God’s love. Originally, God created Adam with the goal of making him the perfect substantial manifestation of God. Adam was to be God’s substantial body. No one but God the Creator can have complete dominion over all things. That is because in order to have complete dominion it is necessary to have complete knowledge. Only God knows all things completely; therefore, complete dominion is possible only by God. Adam himself is a created being, and it is impossible for a created being to have complete dominion over the creation. Therefore, God made Adam in His image so that He might live directly in him. In other words, God intended to make Adam stand in the position of God’s resonator and wanted to control the universe directly through him.

Change of Blood Lineage; The Real Experience of Salvation by the Messiah, October 13, 1970

A woman’s internal compass leads her to find a true man. She is always seeking Mr. Right, and to be united with that man in love. A woman is the tree of knowledge of good and evil because she can and must discern who is a good love partner from who is an evil love partner. Depending on whether she unites with a good man or an evil man determines the quality of the seed she receives and hence the quality of the fruit of her womb. The tree of life in the Garden of Eden was supposed to be perfected Adam, but he never accomplished that standard.

If Eve had listened to her conscience, her internal compass, then she would not have united in love with Lucifer, the evil Lord, but instead would have helped Adam to mature, received God’s blessing of marriage and then united with him in love, giving birth to Godly offspring. What happened instead is that she gave in to her tempter, and united with an evil Lord, and came to inherit Satan’s nature. Then when she tempted Adam to unite with that same fallen love energy, she became the mother of the sinful human race. Adam became evil through uniting sexually with Eve, and we were all born in a state of alienation from God and from one another, without knowing of any other reality, and blocked from experiencing God’s presence.

Fallen love is immature, selfish, self-centered, self-gratifying, callous to the needs and desires of others. An evil man transmits his evil selfish nature — satanic life elements, satanic love, and satanic lineage — to a woman through sex. That is why Rev. Moon teaches that the sexual organs are the dividing line of good and evil.

The dividing line between Heaven and Hell is within the sexual organ. The sexual organ is the most fearful and also the most precious place. "The Family Federation for Cosmic Peace and Unification and the Cosmic Era of Blessed Family", May 4, 1997

If you are selfish, immature, self-absorbed, interested only in your own gratification, then every time you have sex, you give your spouse satanic elements. If you look at pornography and masturbate, then every time you do that, you generate evil sexual energy which is toxic to you and your spouse and to everyone around you.

God does not want us to divorce. He wants us to have a true love experience in marriage. If our relationship has problems, we need to restore it, not abandon it. I am my wife’s Messiah, and she is mine. I cannot help but love her. We need to have the heart of loving parent to our spouse, not accuser, judge, jury and executioner. I must not blame my spouse if I have problems in my marriage.

How do you know if you have a true husband? Does he live for the sake of others all the time? Does he blame others for problems or does he take ownership and responsibility for them? Can he truthfully say, as Jesus did, “When you see me, you see the Father?”

What is the result? After you have sex with your spouse, do you feel God’s love and have the power to go out and take responsibility for the world, or do you feel depressed, and more miserable, sad and lonely, and worried about yourself and your family? When you unite with your spouse in sexual love, then you are uniting your spirits and your bodies. If your partner has evil sexual energy, then you inherit that energy from them, it pollutes your mind and body, and it will make you sick, in mind and body. Conversely, if your partner has God’s energy, then you feel invigorated, hopeful, inspired, at peace with the world.

There is a third possibility. You may enjoy sex completely with your fallen husband, and be so blocked that you do not even realize that it is making you go further and further away from God. Wrong sex makes us dull and insensitive to God. Unless we stop having wrong sex, sex without God’s presence, there is no way that we can be restored to being God’s true sons and daughters.

If you have sex with someone, even if it is your spouse, but with the wrong heart, motivation, attitude and purpose, then it actually makes you become evil. You receive Satan’s energy from this action, and the more you do it, the more evil and dark you become, and the harder it is for you to feel God or have any refined sensitivity to others. You become dull and stupid. You become unable to control yourself, and your bodily desires. It becomes overwhelmingly difficult to control your desire for food, sleep and sex. If I am grossly overweight, or addicted to drugs or alcohol, then I am a slave of my carnal appetites. It becomes overwhelmingly difficult to live for the sake of others, unless of course we want to get credit for it. But then we do things for the sake of credit and the approval of others, rather than out of love and for God’s will.

If however you have sex with your God-given partner with the right heart, the right attitude, motivation and purpose, God’s energy can come into your being, and everything in your life becomes clear and self-evident. God becomes a daily living reality, what was difficult becomes easy. This is the principle of creation at work. Right give and take action centered on God’s purpose draws God’s universal prime energy and love power, and gives you wisdom, clarity, and good judgment. It generates the necessary force for existence, action and multiplication. Good give and take action generates more goodness. Evil give and take action generates evil power, and makes you more and more evil.

What is masturbation? It is not just self-pleasuring, it is the spiritual fall. When you masturbate, you are relating to an idea, or an image, or a person or a spirit, and having a selfish sexual experience that has nothing to do with God, or with true love, and is entirely a vehicle for Satan to possess you. Spirits who no longer have a physical body but who crave the sexual experience will come to people of like mind, and seek sexual pleasure through your body. If you masturbate, you are having sex with a spirit. This is the spiritual fall. Satan entered into human race through misdirected sexual love in the spiritual world first, and then in the physical world.

If you find yourself obsessed and unable to stop masturbating, then for sure, an evil spirit is pushing you to do what is beyond your own will to control. You have to stop. If you cannot stop on your own, then you have to enlist the help of a trusted friend or counselor, or your spouse.

If you are married and you masturbate, you will pollute your spouse with your evil sexual energy, and your family is in danger of disintegration. Not only that, people around you will find you offensive without knowing why. For that reason, many languages and cultures have words of scorn and derision for people who do this. We call them “jerks”, “jerk offs”, “whack offs”, “wankers”, and worse.

The secular and religious worlds are in great controversy over the subject of homosexuality and gay marriage today. What does Rev. Moon say on the subject? Whenever he mentions the words “homo” or “lesbian”, he is likely to spit, and refers to them as “dung-eating dogs”, a particularly foul Korean profanity. Homosexual sex is comparable to bestiality in that it is totally against the natural order. God created man and woman to unite together in love and in sex. Any other sexual union is an abomination before God.

So what is a holy person? What is true beauty and goodness? Is it a sexless person? No. Many people have the confused idea that Jesus was good because he was sexless and conceived without sex. This is false. God created our bodies, including our sexual organs, and He gave us sexual desire. God desires for us to experience sex as an expression of true pure love, not egotistical, self-seeking dirty lustful desire. God gave us sexual desire so that we would desire to become one heart, mind and flesh with our eternal love partner, and come to experience God in the deepest most beautiful way. God wants to inhabit fully the body of a man and make love to a woman.

Pure means original, as God intended it. Does purity imply sterility? No. Pure water, air and food are pristine, original, and full of God’s life elements. Likewise, pure sex is where God meets man and woman. He wants to have hot passionate sexual love, not cold sterile boring sex out of duty and obligation, nor sex motivated by self-seeking desire. God is the author of love and the creator of sex. If it is misused, it destroys lives, because Satan’s energy comes to the two people involved. When sex is used to express God’s infinite love, it is a channel for God’s true love power, and the origin of true life, and true blood lineage, and it brings healing and vitality and well-being. When it is used selfishly, it brings destruction, despair, and death.

In order to indemnify Adam’s failure to unite with the three archangels, you must first secure a position above that from which heavenly law was violated, and then gain three spiritual children who can give their lives for you. Only in this way, can restoration of heart be completed. Do you understand?

It is because of this restoration process that three disciples of Jesus should have been ready to die for Jesus’ sake. Jesus was like their parent; they were like his three spiritual children or archangels.

An archangel has no right to have children, but, because of the fall, man came to be a child of archangelic lineage, inseparable from Satan. Therefore, in order to regain the original position, heaven allows man to have spiritual children, even though he is in the position of archangelic son. This is known as Abel’s course.

"Three Spiritual Children as a Foundation for a Family", May 13, 1983.

What is the qualification for men and women to receive God’s blessing to experience sexual love? We must win over the hearts of three people, to the point where they will testify to anyone that you are truly a person who loves as God does, and then you are ready. Adam had three archangels in the Garden of Eden; Jesus had three close disciples, Peter, James and John. Until those three are willing to die for us, we are not qualified to engage in sexual love and multiply God’s lineage. We do not yet have the authority to be co-creators with God until we attain that standard.

This is the era when it is possible to achieve the Kingdom of God on Earth. We cannot enter the Kingdom with fallen nature. So, on March 24, 2004 in Washington DC, Rev. Moon told the blessed wives clearly that they must not have sex with their husbands until they have attained that standard. Women are in the position of fallen Eve, and men are in the position of the fallen archangel. Men and women must overcome their fallen sexual desire and cross over out of the realm of the fall. Then we can be qualified to inherit the absolute true love of God.

On October 3, 2004, in Soo Taek Lee training center in Korea, True Father said that if Unification Church members do not have a three year sexual abstinence period starting from now, then there is no hope for us to be restored. He then gave twelve representative couples the holy wine and in his prayer thanked God that now the gate of heaven can be opened up.

Have you overcome your fallen sexual desire? The Old Testament standard of sexual purity was that you must not commit adultery, or have sex with anyone other than your spouse. The New Testament standard was that you must not look at a woman who is not your wife with sexual desire in your heart. The Completed Testament age standard is that even if a naked woman sits on your lap and attempts to touch and arouse you, you must reject her, unless you have God’s permission to have sex with her. Not only must you reject her, but also if you were a true person, this woman would not even be attractive, or stimulating, as her wrong energy would be repulsive.

When Eve was originally tempted and deceived by the Archangel, do you think she voluntarily followed him or did she resist? (Voluntarily.) Imagine if you will, Adam as a young boy in the Garden of Eden, wild and running around investigating everything and leaving Eve by herself. They were both naked and unashamed originally. As Eve’s body was maturing, suddenly the archangel approached her with an evil intent in his heart. Sometimes Eve would sit in the lap of the archangel and their sexual organs would be quite close to one another. They were accustomed to seeing the animals around them mating and caring for their young. Then, in the blink of an eye, easily a relationship occurred between them. The Archangel took interest in this kind of phenomenon, so he took action. It is that easy to fall into an illicit relationship of love.

As a young, strong man, ask yourself, if you were in that situation with a pretty, naked woman sitting on your lap, don’t you think that you would experience the same temptation? (Yes.) As a man, in order to fulfill restoration through indemnity, no matter if a beautiful naked woman is in front of you touching your body, your love organ should not become erect. Rather, it should remain almost as if it were dead, without feeling. That is the action for indemnity. If that most beautiful woman attempts to touch and place your love organ into her, then you have to kick her about 1,000 miles away from you.

"The Family Federation for Cosmic Peace and Unification and the Cosmic Era of Blessed Family", May 4, 1997

When we can truly deny our fallen sexual desire, and resurrect ourselves to the level of Jesus, then God can truly be with us, and make his home with us, and we will be qualified to inherit God’s infinite love and heart, and all that our Father, the creator of the universe, possesses. Only in this way can we truly separate ourselves, and our lineage, from Hell, and enter into the everlasting state of Heaven consciousness.

For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.”

2 Corinthians 6:16

Where do I start? We must stop having sex, whether with myself or with others. If you cannot do that, then you need someone in the position of Messiah to help you. In the absence of True Father himself, we need someone in the position of Abel who can stand as Messiah or spiritual parent for us — a coach and personal trainer — who can help us do what we are unable to do for ourselves. We must do what we do not like until we don’t mind. We must deny what we love until we don’t care. We must separate from Satan. The path that we must take is one of self-denial. When we can do what Satan cannot or will not do, he will leave us, and all the evil spirits aligned with Satan will leave us too.

Only then we can come to experience God’s love and only then can we truly live for the sake of others, and not just go through the motions for years without any substantial actual result. It does no good to point out the sins of others unless I am willing to take responsibility for them. There is no value in pointing out a problem until you have a solution. The Divine Principle has a solution to sin. It is the principle whereby humans can become divine beings.

The course of restoration was so difficult for True Father. He had to do it alone, but we do not have to do that. I can stand on his foundation, and inherit from someone in the position of Abel who has accomplished what I desire to accomplish. You can do the same.