True Parents' History for Children

This is a compilation of stories about the early ministry of Rev. Sun Myung Moon told in a way to appeal to children. These are excellent for reading to children and for use as Sunday School lessons.

  1. Father is Born on a Farm in Korea
  2. The Boy Who Never Gave Up
  3. The Boy and the Bully
  4. A Teenager Hears God's Voice: A Revelation From Jesus
  5. A Korean in Japan: Father Leaves Home
  6. A Mother's Grief Turns To Joy
  7. Father Goes to Pyongyang
  8. A Cloud Of Witnesses
  9. Father Endures Pyongyang Prison
  10. Father Works Again In Pyungyang
  11. Father Endures Pyongyang Prison
  12. The Ordeal at Hung Nam Prison
  13. Liberation From Hung Nam
  14. Mountain Tigers, Mountain Rabbits
  15. Father's Journey To Pusan
  16. The Work Begins in Pusan
  17. A House Built Beside A Rock
  18. The House at the Rock of Tears
  19. A Little Peace
  20. The Grandmother
  21. The Missionary
  22. The First Pioneer
  23. Back to Seoul
  24. The Crippled Teacher
  25. A New Beginning in Seoul
  26. An Encounter with the University
  27. In Prison Again
  28. The First 40-Day Condition
  29. The Church Grows
  30. The Marriage Of The Lamb
  31. A Princess is Born
  32. A Princess Grows Up
  33. The Princess Meets the Prince
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