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Updated: June 1, 2001

 ~7 Sessions for Small Groups: Building A Principled Family Life:
           Session 1. Preparation for Marriage and Family: The Character of Love
           Session 2. Preparation for Marriage and Family: Becoming the Ideal Spouse
           Session 3. Getting and Being Married for All the Right Reasons
           Session 4. Absolute Sexuality
           Session 5. My Children: For me, the World or God?
           Session 6. How to be a "True Parent"
           Session 7. My Family Is The Hope of the Future

   Download the whole 7 sessions in a Zip file (MS Word document).
                                            If this doesn't work, email me and I'll send the file to you.

~ Starting a Group

            Starting Your Own Group- Form  (Return to Small Group Coordinator for posting on website and at
                         Sunday Service)

~List of Types of Small Groups:   Click HERE
                    (for example:  prayer, study, fellowship, service, task, support, needs help)

          List of Active Groups

          List of Small Groups in other churches

 ~Learn about "SMALL GROUPS".

         Sample Quotes from Small Group Members and Leaders:
           Six Reasons Why I'm Committed to Small Group Life One Anothering, Volume 1 by Rev. Richard C. Meyer
           Comments on Small Groups from Peter Califano, Unificationist, San Francisco

  ~Introduction and Sample Agreement:

           Sample Small Group Agreement

 ~Sample Small Group Meeting Agendas:

            (Coming soon)

 ~Guidelines for Group Leaders:

           Guidelines for Group Leaders (handout at DC church)
           Guidelines for Group Leaders (Excerpted from the book by Rev. In Hoi Lee,
                                                                PRAYER: Training for Opening Up To God)
            Small Group Leader Training Workbook,   (To download this MS Word file, click here. 615kb)
                                    Washington Family Church, November 12, 2000

 ~Resource Materials:

            The 7 M's. (Maturing, Meaningful Relationships, Marriage Blessing, Mastering your Environment,
                                Mission, Ministry, Magnetism)  Excerpt from Sunday Service by Rev. Henri Schauffler.
            Prayer: Training for Opening Up to God, Seven Sessions  (selected portions coming soon)
                by Rev. In Hoi Lee, Washington Family Church
           The All-Time 10 Best Tips on Prayer for Beginners That I Have Ever Heard
                                    by Rev. Jim Stephens
           Finney On Revival, by Charles G. Finney. Excerpts from Chapter 3 on Repentance.
           List of Books on Small Groups
            Other webpage links  (Under construction)

 ~Suggestions for Those Starting a Small Group

(coming soon)
 ~Useful Small Group Forms

            Group Leader Report Form  (coming soon)
           Group List ( blank form to list members in your small group and contact info )
                                (NOTE: This is an MS Word document and may not open in Netscape. Use Explorer.)

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